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Wall Art Options For Your First Studio Apartment When You're On A Budget

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If you’ve just moved into a studio apartment, you are probably looking for ways to decorate the walls. You might have been accustomed to taping up posters in your dorm room back in college, but you might want something more sophisticated for your new apartment. The problem many young people face is that they don’t have lots of extra money, so buying expensive art work can be a bit beyond their budget. Read More»

2 Resources For Beginner Artists

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One of the hardest things for many aspiring artists is actually learning many of the various techniques and skills, especially if those artists are just starting out and don’t have access to a teacher in their area or the spare money to spend on art classes. Listed below are two resources that are ideal for helping beginner artists develop their skills. Online Videos A very difficult part of developing your skills as an artist is finding a good teacher or class in your area. Read More»

Planning Your Donald Trump Halloween Costume

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It may seem like just yesterday that the presidential primaries kicked off with no hints of the wild developments that were soon to come. But with Halloween approaching and the general election following hard on its heels, it’s already time to start planning for this year’s costume. One of the trendiest costumes this year will undoubtedly be Donald Trump, controversial real-estate mogul turned controversial presidential candidate. In order to transform yourself into the best Trump at the party, you will need to nail these four distinctive traits that make the candidate instantly recognizable. Read More»

Thomas Arvid, Contemporary Artist

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If you are a connoisseur of realistic painting, you may be interested in Thomas Arvid’s work. Arvid is a contemporary American realist painter who creates original still-life paintings that deal with light, shadow, transparency, color and reflections. For his subject matter, Arvid has chosen to paint the objects and rituals within the world of wine and alcoholic spirits. His paintings offer the viewer a close up look at the visual and textural contrasts inherent in wine and spirit bottles, stemmed wine glasses, stained corks, metallic corkscrews, and wooden tables. Read More»

Taking A Look Popular Modern Tattoos And The Meanings Behind Them

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When you slip into the chair of a tattoo artist, you may already have in mind just what kind of ink you want when the artist gets started. You may have a tattoo that holds special meaning to you or you could be looking for a specific artistic tattoo because you admire something in particular. Even though every tattoo holds a different personal meaning to a choosing individual, there are some modern tattoos that hold specific value among the general population. Read More»

History And Characteristics Of Optical Art

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When you are looking for a great art form of art to witness, optical art is an excellent choice. Spending some time at an optical art gallery will let you come away with a great appreciation of the genre, while also taking in some important history. This unique form of art has been appreciated by people for years, and for good reason. To learn more about optical art, also known as “ Read More»

How To Shop For Antique Jewelry To Sell At A Profit

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Antique and vintage jewelry pieces are unique and beautiful. There are several different avenues you can take to procure this type of jewelry for your store, booth, or gallery without paying exorbitant prices. If at all possible, bring a phone with internet access so you can look up how much an item is worth before purchasing. A good rule of thumb for making a profit off of your vintage jewelry is keystone plus mark-up. Read More»