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History And Characteristics Of Optical Art

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When you are looking for a great art form of art to witness, optical art is an excellent choice. Spending some time at an optical art gallery will let you come away with a great appreciation of the genre, while also taking in some important history. This unique form of art has been appreciated by people for years, and for good reason. To learn more about optical art, also known as “ Read More»

How To Shop For Antique Jewelry To Sell At A Profit

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Antique and vintage jewelry pieces are unique and beautiful. There are several different avenues you can take to procure this type of jewelry for your store, booth, or gallery without paying exorbitant prices. If at all possible, bring a phone with internet access so you can look up how much an item is worth before purchasing. A good rule of thumb for making a profit off of your vintage jewelry is keystone plus mark-up. Read More»