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Wall Art Options For Your First Studio Apartment When You're On A Budget

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If you've just moved into a studio apartment, you are probably looking for ways to decorate the walls. You might have been accustomed to taping up posters in your dorm room back in college, but you might want something more sophisticated for your new apartment. The problem many young people face is that they don't have lots of extra money, so buying expensive art work can be a bit beyond their budget. However, this doesn't mean that you have to tape up the same old Klimt poster that you've been looking at since Junior year. So, here are some options.

Framed Poster

That said, there is nothing wrong with a poster, but you want to frame it. You can chose that favorite Klimt (or Picasso, Dali, Warhol) poster, but you want to spend some money and have it professionally framed. Don't try and frame it with one of those do-it-yourself frames that you can pick up at a major department store. Take your poster (or buy a new one if the old one is beaten up) and bring it to a person who will frame it. You can speak to them about the frame color (gunmetal grey, black, white, silver) and also the matte choices. You can choose a frame that complements your studio's color design. It will turn a regular poster into a sophisticated piece of wall art.

Authentic Street Art

If you love the vibe of street art, but don't have the money to buy a Ben Eine or Shepard Fairey, you should look to local street artists and talk about a commission. Lots of these these artists are not repped by major galleries, but if you are involved in the punk/hip-hop scene, or have friends who are, you are bound to know someone who knows a struggling street artists. You could check out their work on instagram and see if you like their work and then either commission a piece or pick one that they are selling. This would give you an authentic piece of wall art for your living room.

Printable Wall Art

Another cool idea would be to find a repository of printable wall art. You could select artistic photos, or cool paintings, and have a bunch printed out and framed. Then you could rotate them according to the season or your mood. For instance, during the winter months, you might like to have a nice painting of a summer landscape, on your wall.

The cool thing about printed wall art is that it is so versatile. You can choose to have a series of small 8x10 pieces printed out if you like the idea of a series of images on the wall, or you could opt for a large printed piece. 

One of the coolest ideas to consider when using printable wall art is to choose a similar image and print out three variations and then hang them in a horizantal line, slightly separated from each other. You can get fun ideas about three canvas design (flowers, landscape, or even abstract images) by surfing around online.