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Planning Your Donald Trump Halloween Costume

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It may seem like just yesterday that the presidential primaries kicked off with no hints of the wild developments that were soon to come. But with Halloween approaching and the general election following hard on its heels, it's already time to start planning for this year's costume. One of the trendiest costumes this year will undoubtedly be Donald Trump, controversial real-estate mogul turned controversial presidential candidate. In order to transform yourself into the best Trump at the party, you will need to nail these four distinctive traits that make the candidate instantly recognizable. 

Achieving a Glowing Tan

Donald Trump prefers to maintain a youthful glow through copious tanning, which in certain lighting may appear somewhat orange. You can achieve the same look at home by using a spray tan or bronzer. Once you think you are just the right shade of orange, add another layer or two for good measure. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable spray-tanning yourself for Halloween, you should be able to buy a suitably ruddy mask from a trump gag gift supplier. 

Dressing for Success

Next, you need to project the image of a successful New York real-estate developer. Wear the finest suit you have or can rent to emulate Trump's impeccable styling. Trump also tends to favor a bold red tie, though any tie will do, and a novelty tie sold as a funny trump gift may make even more of a statement. Polish off the look with a set of comfortable dress shoes. 

Choosing your Accessories 

Once you have the suit, you can add the finishing touches to your outfit through some carefully chosen accessories. A "Make America Great Again" cap is necessary to really drive home the Trump brand, and some funny cuff-links may add a subtle touch of class. The truly dedicated may even purchase or make a set of tiny prosthetic hands to poke out from suit-sleeves in reference to Trump's strange sensitivity on the subject.  

Styling the Trademark Hair

If you happen to have wispy blond hair that can easily be swooped and styled into Trump's signature style, you may have a promising future as a billionaire politician. Anyone who is less blessed, however, will need to consider how best to achieve the look. The easiest solution is to buy a specially designed wig from a Trump gag gift store. From there, all you have to do is begin practicing your accent and mannerisms to mimic the swagger and bombast of the big man himself. With the right accessories and some careful planning, you are sure to have the best Trump costume in the neighborhood this Halloween. 

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