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Thomas Arvid, Contemporary Artist

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If you are a connoisseur of realistic painting, you may be interested in Thomas Arvid's work. Arvid is a contemporary American realist painter who creates original still-life paintings that deal with light, shadow, transparency, color and reflections. For his subject matter, Arvid has chosen to paint the objects and rituals within the world of wine and alcoholic spirits. His paintings offer the viewer a close up look at the visual and textural contrasts inherent in wine and spirit bottles, stemmed wine glasses, stained corks, metallic corkscrews, and wooden tables. 

One aspect that consistently runs through Thomas Arvid's work is the depiction of reflected light in his chosen subjects. He paints natural light as it penetrates through the dark glass of a wine bottle or the clear glass of wine snifters. He also paints the reflections that bounce off these same objects to reveal the surrounding architecture and landscape. There is a stillness inherent in the first reading of his work, but soon the viewer becomes aware of a bigger picture and human story that is being depicted in the glass reflections. If you are an art collector, Thomas Arvid creates several different forms of his work that you can see and purchase. Here are a few of them:  

  • Original Thomas Arvid Paintings - Arvid's original paintings are painted in oil, watercolor, and mixed media. Some are painted on stretched canvas while others have been painted on metal. These large paintings are available in selected galleries. 
  • Limited Edition Thomas Arvid Giclée Prints - After Arvid has finished a painting, he has it photographed and sent to a professional printer. He works with this printer to duplicate the look of his original painting and print a limited edition of Giclée prints on canvas and watercolor paper. The prints on canvas are then mounted on the same stretcher bars as the original oil paintings. Arvid embellishes some of these Giclée prints by hand, painting highlights and other details onto them. This personalization duplicates the texture of the original painting.  
  • Book of Thomas Arvid's Paintings - Thomas Arvid has also published a full-color, 144-page book which documents the history of his paintings. A special, limited edition, leather-bound edition is available that includes 3 serigraphs that are signed and numbered by the artist. These small serigraphs can be framed if desired.
  • Thomas Arvid Annual Calendar - Thomas Arvid publishes a yearly calendar in December of each year that documents some of his recent paintings and also some of his historical paintings.  

If you are interested in seeing some of the Thomas Arvid art for sale, he is represented in over 50 galleries in the US, Canada, and Japan.